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Review Left On 10/28/2019
Kristen Moghim

Working with Ryan Kamada and Donna Bystricky has been an absolute pleasure thus far. So patient, accommodating and knowledgeable, Ryan and Donna have helped make this experience as easy as possible. I'm thankful to have such an honest and ethical team on my side.
Review Left On 10/28/2019
Peter Burke

Burnham Law was instrumental in getting my divorce case back on track. I was impressed with how quickly they got up to speed, and how they helped clear up the conflicts so we could come to a fair settlement. I would highly recommend Burnham Law.
Review Left On 04/28/2019
Daniel Perrin

Heidi Whitaker gave great advice and understood the law and exact implications better than a majority of lawyers. I had some specific time constraints that if were not adhered to would be quite expensive. Heidi understood (actually she informed me of them and was an expert on navigating them) and kept me informed the whole time. I wholeheartedly recommend her and Burnham law.
Review Left On 03/28/2019
Mike Karbginsky

Going through anything where one needs a Laywer is never easy to “not be emotional” and/or want the “system” to move faster. This is very hard, having to tell your side over and over again......untell i met Heidi Whitaker, she has a way taken all the mess and proceeding forward with facts! I cried when i heard her response she had written for me, through all the mess, she had written what I’ve been saying for the first time in a perfect summary. Thank you Heidi, Chelsea and Burnham for helping me be the father I wish to be for my children!
Review Left On 03/28/2019
Rini LaBerge

My son’s attorney was Heidi Whitaker. She was an aggressive litigator with an eagle-eyed approach to dealing with an antagonistic opposing counsel. She was highly strategic and proficient in every aspect of the services she provided. I highly recommend Heidi Whitaker and her team at Burnham Law Firm for any client faced with false allegations or struggling with a high-conflict custody issue.

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