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Review Left On 02/28/2020
Ryan Herbig

Have attempted phone contact three times with no response. Received a complaint in the mail. Called the creditor and paid the bill. Then have attempted to call this Firm three times to confirm the account is paid and settled. No response. There is no human interaction all you can do is leave a voicemail and no one calls back.
Review Left On 09/28/2019
Dave Diment

This firm is in my opinion entirely unprofessional. On 02/22/2018 A Court case against myself for a collection agency represented by Edmonds & Logue PC was dismissed by a Jefferson County Court Judge Thomas Vance as the situation was corrected (a medical bill that should have been covered by insurance was never charged) and the debt was no longer valid (and never should have been.) On the day of my court appearance on 02/22/2018 any one of the attorneys from this firm failed to show up to court while i myself did. Their excuse (i so wish i was kidding) directly from the firm was and i quote "i forgot to put it on the schedule." so while i took the day off work to attend this bogus hearing, missing out on my regular pay to attend this situation, they could not even be considerate enough to show up to court for a lawsuit THEY INITIATED.

Thats quite frankly unprofessional, inconsiderate regarding their duty to practice law, and beyond embarrassing.

This firm then failed to report this information after everything was settled to the collection agency. I EVEN EMAILED this firm to ask them to make sure it was removed soon after the case was done, and i recieved no response. It than sat on my credit report for nearly A YEAR. I disputed this information with experian credit reporting and using all my allowable disputes they (the collection agency by information lacking from this firm) claimed i still owed a debt. I reported this to the state of colorado attorney generals office and the collection agency's response clearly singled out their lawyers lack of communication or rather in my opinion, unprofessionalism.

The state of Colorado then took action against the collection agency for their practices.

There is an ongoing case regarding this in the United States 10th District Court for the District of Colorado, 1:19-cv-01440. All information contained within this review is publically available.

In my not so humble opinion they should be embarrassed by how poorly they practice law, care about people and run their business.

Edit: as of September 4th, 2019, this case in the United States 10th District Court for the District of Colorado, 1:19-cv-01440. Was sertled. I thank Edmonds and Logue pc for their willingness to correct a wrong.
Review Left On 08/28/2019
Nathan Grass

These guys just do paper processing for collection agencies. Their website is fraudulent advertising. As lawyers they should know this is illegal.
Review Left On 07/28/2019
Catherine Basile

If I could give less than 1 star I would! I received a notice of a unpaid medical bill, went to pay it immediately for the amount shown on the letter but when I went to the website as directed, the amount to pay was $60 more than stated on THEIR legal document. This is fraud!!! As a practicing attorney, Rocky L. Edmonds, you should know that! It is illegal to send out a "bill" with an amount due clearly shown in bold then add on additional fees with ZERO explanation but still demand payment! I will be contacting the state in regards to how this attorneys office handles their business practices!

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