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Review Left On 02/28/2020
Jerran Chandler

Christine is amazing. After reviewing my case she knew what she needed to do and did it. She may look young but don't judge a book by the cover.
Review Left On 02/28/2018
Peder Halseide

I am not a client of Ms. Van Gaasbeek. I am a parent, and I have had only brief interactions with Ms. Van Gaasbeek.

I want to attest to first hand knowledge of Ms. Van Gaasbeek's involvement with Partners Mentoring Youth and with a partner that I am familiar with who benefits from Ms. Van Gaasbeek as her mentor.

As a criminal defense attorney, I can only imagine that Ms. Van Gaasbeek's sees some upsetting things. My hat is off to Ms. Van Gaasbeek's for not only working to help these people, but also on proactively sharpening the correct end of the pencil by being actively involved in mentoring youth.

I have witnessed Ms. Van Gaasbeek interact with her partner, and know that she has spent hours upon hours with her partner, supporting her at sports activities, and other pursuits. Ms. Van Gaasbeek's has spent a lot of her own money engaging with her partner, and I believe that it is not reimbursed, at least financially.

Thank you, Ms. Van Gaasbeek.

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