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Review Left On 03/01/2020
Marilyn Rossi

Kent Naughton represented our Homeowners'Association in a lawsuit filed against us in March, 2015. On our behalf, Kent countersued as the HOA did not believe we were guilty as implicated. As an HOA, we were not the typical client. Kent worked primarily with the HOA Board, but represented over 100 owners with many different personalities and expectations. He also had to deal with Board turnover due to HOA by-laws. He was astute in maneuvering through the many challenges and changes this presented.

The litigation that ensued was complicated as multiple entities were involved. Resolution was reached in May of 2018. Kent was protective of our interests throughout litigation. Among his many attributes, those we appreciated the most were that he listened and was always accessible. He sought out resources and experts effectively collaborating with many others to support our position. He intentionally paid attention to our financial situation as a non-profit organization. He methodically researched a trail of evidence that crossed state lines. Kent consistently provided guidance and advised us through the many legal tangles we encountered. He was not deterred when the opposition employed endless delay tactics. Kent was creative and insightful in mediation, presenting arguments that were difficult to refute and ultimately helped us to reach a settlement amenable to all litigants. We hold Kent in high regard and would recommend him without reservation to others who are facing complex and demanding legal issues.
Review Left On 03/01/2020
Lonnie Dalrymple

Kent Naughton represented our Homeowners Association (HOA), a non-profit organization, in litigation that lasted over 3 ½ years. He helped us navigate the very complex justice system and disarm particularly challenging opponents. The HOA was the defendant of what the HOA Board perceived to be an unjustified lawsuit against our association. Kent prepared very comprehensive countersuits against multiple entities. Kent was a shrewd, yet calm presence, who effectively derailed the opposition.
He was mindful of our precarious financial situation and creatively guided us in guarding our assets while minimizing our risks. Kent thoroughly grasped the unique nuances of the multifaceted case and masterfully negotiated a resolution that benefited the HOA through mediation. He always showed genuine interest and concern for us, and we are grateful beyond words for his expertise, dedication, and perseverance in helping us reach a positive outcome.
Review Left On 07/01/2019
Dan Orr

Review Left On 03/01/2018
Andrew Unkefer

To state that Witwer, Oldenburg, Barry & Groom were sub-optimal in their communication would be a discredit to the phrase. Having worked with a myriad of excellent legal professionals with great results, this was a huge letdown. As a commercial Landlord, having owned, operated, managed and transacted hundreds of thousands of square feet of commercial and residential properties, I can say with confidence that this was by far the least impressive effort (or lack thereof) by any legal firm I've worked with. Non-response to emails, being pawned from a Partner to a coworker. Non-response to emails, non-response to voice messages, and to add insult to injury, simply being pushed off to voicemail when by an associate. Need I say more? The only thing lacking in my opinion is Google's requirement that I allocate at least one star in order to post a review.

D. Andrew Unkefer, Multiprop, Inc. President/CEO.

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