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Review Left On 02/28/2020
Elizabeth Spurgeon

My DUI arrest was devastating and scary. I had no prior experience with trouble with the law. Earl was so informative and supportive throughout the entire process. He communicated with myself and my parents. Our family was so lucky to have found him. He was able to get my charges and fines down! Highly recommend him for his professionalism and personalization with my case.
Review Left On 02/28/2020
Nicholas Kirchner

Hands down the best law firm I’ve ever dealt with and I’ve had many through the years. Attorneys Vanessa Favia and Earl Vergara were absolute lifesavers in my contested family law case. They actually cared about my case and fought hard for me to get the results I wanted!
Review Left On 02/28/2020
Francis Linek

Earl has represented me on a few cases now and is the best lawyer i've ever used. would highly recommend
Review Left On 09/28/2019
Ruth Joahana Esparza

Earl is the best attorney. He helped with a case and always believed in us, him and his team answer questions promptly and a great support
Review Left On 04/28/2019
Alba Randunica

Mr. Vergara was my attorney on several cases. On the traffic case he negotiated the best solution. I received also an excellent advice for a criminal case.
On a more than 1 year family case, Mr. Vergara started to be my attorney when, intentionally false accused by others and without proof on hand to demonstrate the contrary, my life was in a critical situation.This case presented significant improvement at the end.
Review Left On 04/28/2019
Ryan H

I can't say enough about Earl and Bill. My arrest was in 2016. At the time, Bill Gibbs was not with the firm, but the case didn't go to trial until almost 3 years later, and Bill was my defense attorney at the trial. The prosecution only called one witness; a Kendall County Sheriff. To say that Bill was not shy about challenging his testimony would be an understatement. The strategy and experience of Earl and Bill lead to a jury decision of not guilty which only took them about 15 minutes to reach. This is a law firm you want in your corner.
Review Left On 03/28/2019
Your Mum

In 2016 my fiance was arrested with a felony DUI. At that time we hired a different lawyer, who helped me with the case for over a year at which time i got a subsequent charge. We felt we needed to find a lawyer that was more equipped to handle both of my cases. So we found a lawyer, was very happy with the introduction, paid him the retainer, but after a few court dates we realized he was just another number and paycheck to him.
After that, we did our research and read all of the reviews we could on lawyers in my area. We branched out further, and found Earl. All of the reviews we read were 4 star plus. Due to that, we set up an appointment. We spoke with him about the case. Unlike other lawyers, he didnt b.s. All he said was everything would be okay. My fiance told him he was worried, and he said to let him do the worrying, because that's his job now.
Hes been our lawyer for 2 years now.
Well today, he was found NOT GUILTY in a bench trial for the DUI case.
Earl has been preparing for a bench trial for almost 6 months now if not longer. In the last few months earl has been working with Bill Gibbs on the case. And today, Bill did a motion to suppress which quickly turned into a bench trial, where the judge immediately found that he was not guilty. We was so happy and relieved once we realized what was happening. It was such a relief to hear somebody actually prepared and fought for me. And they were WELL prepared. It was absolutely no contest. Initially we met with over a handful of lawyers, practically all of which said it would be impossible to beat the DUI, and basically wanted him to take whatever the best plea they would give.
Unfortunately, the fight's not over..but a HUGE weight has been lifted. It's all thanks to Earl Vergara and his law firm, and a special thanks to Bill Gibbs.
Finding someone that is truly going to fight for you is a difficult task. They all try to sell to you, initially, and once they have your money, you're just another number. You have to do the best that you can do to find someone that is willing to try and put their best efforts towards your case. This is one of the most important decisions if you ever find yourself in a situation like this.
I'm writing this review because we got everything that we could ever have hoped for in a lawyer with Earl. And I just want to let everyone, that is in need or looking for someone like him, know about our experience.
Review Left On 02/28/2018
Shari Kaminski

I had a great pleasure of having Vanessa as my attorney in a guardianship case. She fought so hard for me in my op case,and in my guardianship case!she was very efficient Always kept in contact and was very open minded. I am forever grateful. For her and the amazing work she does, for her heart and compassion for her clients! I HIGHLY Recommend Vanessa and this law firm to anyone looking for representation!
Review Left On 02/28/2018
alex carlucci

Vanessa Favia has represented me on both family law matters and several real estate closings. The reason I continue to choose her is because she gets the job done quickly, efficiently and effectively. She stays in communication through the entire process, she's tough in the courtroom and not afraid to take issues to hearing but she also facilitates settlement when its appropriate. If your case is complicated or routine, Vanessa is the best lawyer for the job. I highly recommend Vanessa Favia!

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