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Review Left On 03/01/2020
Miguel Ayala

I wish I would’ve listen to my wife and filed with Nash from the start. I filed myself huge mistake. My initial application was denied. So on the appeal we chose to seek council. From the moment my wife and I walked into Demetra’s office we knew we were in the right place and we were going to get the best advice and representation. Demetra stayed way over Office hours to make sure all of our questions were answered and she genuinely cared.

Throughout the appeal process I called and spoke with one of the case managers who answered any questions I had.

Finally, I was approved and Barb from benifits department was really helpful.
Overall it went really smooth. Ask questions that’s what they are there for.

Thank you!!
Review Left On 03/01/2020
Kelly Sebright

Thank you
Review Left On 03/01/2020
Steevy Owens

The entire team at Nash Disability Law were great to work with. Speedy to return calls and everyone is extremely friendly & welcoming. My lawyer was Lawrence Mabes. He was professional and kept me calm and up to date throughout the entire process. Highly recommend Lawrence & the rest of the group to everyone. Great attitudes! Thank you to a great group of people!
Review Left On 03/01/2020
Lori O'Quinn

Did nothing for me. They met with me once before my appeal hearing in which I lost and the lawyer that I was assigned was no longer with them by the time I got my decision back so I received no guidance in what my next steps should be. My lawyer barely said a word during my hearing so I'm not sure why they took my case or what the point of his being there was. I wouldn't recommend them to anyone .
Review Left On 03/01/2020
Glen Ryan

A Nash nightmare I will never forget. Two years 6 months of uncertainty. Unfortunately for me I got very sick with cardiovascular disease and a few other problems that netted me 18 stents. We would worry about our financial future, wondering how long we could afford to pay our mortgage with our life savings. We couldn’t get any financial help from anywhere.

I would call Nash every month for an update, after getting blown off with every phone calling telling no news and we are still waiting for a hearing date which could take another 14 months. I decided I had to help myself because my attorney was totally incompetent and couldn’t careless about me or plight of going in and out of hospital for procedures.

My first idea was a visit to my Congressman Dan lipinski, waste of time he was, his office helping just advised me to try a different congressman but don’t tell them I had asked Dans office for help.
Down but not out I reached out to Tammy Duckworth, after explaining my situation they jumped into action, requesting updates from social security disability. If it wasn’t for Tammy Duckworth and her team I would still be waiting for my hearing which was found fully favorable

Of course Nash took the credit and 4500 in fees. I will mention 2 weeks before my hearing the attorney I had been working for years left the firm.

If anyone really has to go through this nightmare, my tip would be do as I and push yourself until you have no choice but to try and get disability. Also check what Benefits you’ll receive.
Review Left On 03/01/2020
Nell Nunaley

SCAM ARTIST these people do nothing for you they collect your money after months and years but provide you with no support. I had to provide the information to the Social Security Administration and I had to fight to get my SSDI on my on and they didn't even help you get you under pay. These people wait through the Social Security process and then take your money like they worked on your case when in actuality they can't and are not able to help with any of paper work they can not help speed up the process when you have no money. They can't help you PLEASE DON'T CONTACT THEM THEY ARE SCAM ARTIST. They deserve no stars
Review Left On 03/01/2020
Steve H

Very professional operation. We'll see how they do at my hearing before I comment more.
Review Left On 03/01/2020
Barbara Bell

Attorney was helpful
Review Left On 03/01/2020
Stephen Peri

Thomas R Nash PC was easy going, knowledgeable, helpful, honest, and very easy to understand. Anytime they was so quick to answer a lot of my questions. Thank You!!
Review Left On 03/01/2020
Denise Landa

Everyone i spoke with was very courteous. Calls were returned within the same day if not the next. All paperwork from my side was made available by them in quick timing, with return postage. Made the procesa, especially in those already stressful times, super easy. Loved working with them and so thankful for their help and understanding.
Review Left On 03/01/2020
E DeLaRosa

Amazing group can't thank them enough !!!!!
Review Left On 03/01/2020
geri bobis

Helped me so much the best
Review Left On 03/01/2020
Alby Seda

Care for all
Review Left On 03/01/2020
sharhonda walker

Amazing service!
Review Left On 03/01/2020
Jack Thomas

Excellent firm, excellent ideology, and very creative ideas. I believe the single most impressive trait of this firm was their brutal honesty. I enjoyed the fact that they were very honest about all the issues that I raised.
Review Left On 03/01/2020
Michele Marchese

Nash Disability goes above and beyond the attorney client relationship. They understand how hard it is to be disabled and what it takes to represent you during your disability case. Everyone at their firm is professional, caring, and courteous. I'm happy to say they won my case!! Thank you all so much!
Review Left On 03/01/2020
Veronica Wilburne

Nice people
Review Left On 03/01/2020
Michele Zaremba

I met with Mr. Nash regarding a matter for my husband. It doesn't have much to do with the type of law Mr. Nash's office practices but regardless, he took the time to meet with me, discuss my husband's claim and asked pertinent questions. Mr. Nash didn't treat me as if I were unnecessarily taking up too much of his time like most attorneys would if they felt their time is too precious if they knew they, personally, couldn't help (and wouldn't get paid). He was patient, kind and understanding. By the end of our meeting, he had referrals for two attorneys that he will put me in contact with.

Thanks Mr. Nash! I'll be sure to refer any family or friends to your office if they are having trouble getting approved for disability. :)
Review Left On 03/01/2020
L.O Swerv

Great lawyers
Review Left On 03/01/2020
campbell lil

SAFF is great
Review Left On 03/01/2020
Robert Duddy

Very helpful, very professional! I highly recommend Nash Law
Review Left On 03/01/2020
Silvia Tellado

(Translated by Google) Hello .. I am pleased to report on the efficiency of the lawyer Lawrence and his team for doing a good job in my case, I am very satisfied with such a quick response to my case that it took less than 2 months, so I recommend them for their excellence and arduous labor ... I congratulate you and continue helping other people as they did with me. Thank you so much for everything.

Hola.. Me complace informar sobre la eficiencia del abogado Lawrence y su equipo por hacer buen trabajo en mi caso , estoy muy satisfecha por tan rápida respuesta a mi caso que se tomo menos de 2 meses.Por ende los recomiendo por su excelencia y ardua labor ...Los felicito y que continuen ayudando a demás personas como lo hicieron conmigo. Muchas gracias por todo.
Review Left On 03/01/2020
Diane Maples

After being denied twice on my own, I hired Nash Law Firm in Chicago.
Jason Diaz stepped up to the plate and hit a home run! He is an excellent representative for the firm! Thank you Nash Law!
Diane Maples
Review Left On 03/01/2020
Ronaldo Borrego

Accepted my ssdi case after an incompetent firm started my case but failed to show for my court date.
Review Left On 03/01/2020
Jasmine Danielle W.

Very nice staff, very clean building, and the staff treated me with respect and compassion. I love this place. Thank you!!
Review Left On 03/01/2020
irene Gangemi

This experience can be very stressful. The paperwork and the dread of opening up the mail is at times overwhelming. The decision to work with Nash Disability Law was the BEST decision we made in this process. They spent time talking about our case, and then they ran with it. Whenever there was any question or concern, I got immediate assistance. The lawyer that worked with us was amazingly detail oriented. He completely understood what was going on with the medical intricacies of our case. The paralegal that worked on our case was responsive, kind, reassuring, and thorough. I have nothing but gratitude and praise for this amazing firm. Thank you NASH Disability Law. Thank you Lawrence and Sara. You are both legal rock stars in my world!
Review Left On 03/01/2020
Valerie Gish

I was amazed at the helpful lawyer who gave me advice without a fee. This was the initial contact but she spent about 15 minutes with me. This was a great experience and I recommend Nash Law for your SS needs.
Review Left On 03/01/2020
matt luch

Hi I was awarded disability months ago but I still haven’t received it and I’ve called my attorneys to find out why and I can’t get any calls back so I decided to call Nash disability Law and they actually sat and took the time to try and explain everything that was going on I wish I would’ve hired Nash disability Law in the first place what a great company and what a great guy that sat and spent the time trying to explain everything that’s going on with with my case I highly recommend Nash disability. Thank you so much.
Review Left On 03/01/2020
venus Clark

Great help
Review Left On 03/01/2020
Sister Shirley Muhammad

Nash Disability Law will get your Social Security Disability if you were denied and you will get paid back from the first time you applied.
Review Left On 03/01/2020
Diana Lopez

I had a tough time fighting for disability, I submitted ALL the paperwork from Dr.s and specialists and was denied any help. Until another person waiting at SSA told me about Nash Disability Law.
Review Left On 02/09/2020
Debbie Mateos

I have been waiting 3 years for disability. I am so happy I went with Nash.. i am finally approved.
Review Left On 02/09/2020

garbage law firm had a case for a physical disability and mental lawyer was not ready never request my papers they had a whole year to ask from doctors waist of time no good job terrible.
Review Left On 02/09/2020
Donita Watson

When I called they wouldn't take my case and I won myself every thing I deserve so thank you because all my money was mine
Review Left On 02/09/2020
GG Galmore

Great service
Review Left On 01/01/2020
Patricia L Sanchez

They get things done right away. They have really wonderful people that work there
Review Left On 01/01/2020
Kimberly Zentmyer

Still working with them
Review Left On 01/01/2020
Cassandra Kennedy

Review Left On 01/01/2020
Ella Perkins4881

Everyone at Nash was outstanding and awesome. They made every thing very easy and explained every step in detail in the process. They did follow up on the dates very promptly and kept me up to date on the progress of the case. Highly recommended.Special thanks to my attorney Lawrence and his paralegals who were with me every step of the way.
Review Left On 01/01/2020
Debbie Lindmark

This is definitely a 5 star law firm and I would highly recommend it to anyone! I have absolutely nothing bad to say. Through the entire process, I encountered total professionalism, attentiveness, support and kindness from every person I was in contact with at Nash. Phone calls were returned quickly each and every time I called and my questions were always answered completely and with friendliness and patience. Jason DIaz was my attorney and I was so extremely fortunate to have him represent me! He made a very stressful time as easy as possible for me and was always there to answer my questions. Jason has so much knowledge of this whole confusing process. He was friendly, supportive, empathetic and I felt like he actually cared about me. Most importantly, Jason was so thorough in doing research and gathering information on my case and was totally prepared for my hearing. As a result, after two denials, I was finally approved and I have Jason Diaz to thank for that. Thank you, Jason!!! You are so professional and knowledgeable!!
Review Left On 01/01/2020
Timothy Lueder

These lawyers fight to the death for you! They go against that Goliath aka Soccial Security and don't back down until they/ you win. Tenacious, respectful, professional and compassionate. They went above and beyond for me and will do the same for you. .Super highly recommended !!
Review Left On 01/01/2020
Darlene Freeman

I'm so happy I chose Nash Disability Law to represent me! My lawyer Jason Diaz is awesome at his job because today, he called with the great news that I was approved!!! The whole process with Nash was smooth and easy...They do all the work and they do it well!!! Just remembered that it's a long process and they're working hard for you! Thank you Jason
Review Left On 01/01/2020
Joseph Miller

If there is any dissent, any disagreement, any display of unhappiness, they will issue a letter of non representation no matter how long they have been on your case. Read the other one star reviews regarding this. You will need to find a different firm to help you. They were very professional printing the letter of non representation. I could tell that they had done this many times before. Their address may be on Michigan Avenue, but they are as low rent as a trailer park. The office is built out like a cheap auto impound lot, and their furniture is pressed fiberboard. The reception area tells the entire story. Everything in this place is cheap and classless. The Attorneys are from the bottom of class, most of them having to take the bar exam multiple times and barely passing. They were not offered positions at prestige’s law firms and did not have what it takes to strike out on their own. They are more of a sales person than an attorney. The law clerks are more familiar with the procedure than the attorneys are. The forms they give you to sign are straight off the internet and don’t you dare ask for any editing. It is not allowed. Some of the forms have misspellings. The office atmosphere is morose. You can find a better representative that will individualize your application and the agreement that you sign with them. This place is a mess please look elsewhere.
Review Left On 01/01/2020
Bernadette White

I spoke with 2-3 people on 2 different occasions.The receptionist is acting like she is the lawyer. The actual lawyer I spoke with kept asking the same question over and over, as if the answer I gave was not good enough. Will not be calling them for anyone else.
Review Left On 01/01/2020
Ava Adediwura

A hit the pizza is excellent
Review Left On 12/01/2019
keyth jones

Review Left On 12/01/2019
Abdul Mohammed

Great Attorneys who are also human beings.
Review Left On 12/01/2019
Billi Kinslow

I simply saw the commercial on the TV about Nash Disability Law. I gathered all my information to take to the office. I knew I wasn't quite prepared for the step I was at which was the Hearing with the Judge. My Lawyer and Paralegal was great very understanding and completely helpful. The Team called and checked on me during a hospital stay after the Hearing. I have told many people to contact Nash Disability for assistance. My decision was Favorable by the Judge. I'm very happy about the award and Nash Disability.
(Lawrence & Sara)
Review Left On 12/01/2019
deneen ervin

I’ve had the experience working with Nash
And they stood by my side til the end
They work hard they fight hard and they explain things to me until I understood what was going on with victory in the end, Thank you Nash for seeing and meeting my needs.
Review Left On 12/01/2019
Ken Wittman

Was there with now my wife, so far no great workers.
Review Left On 12/01/2019
Abdul Hakema

Helpful people
Review Left On 11/01/2019
mimi r

Great and fast response when you have questions. They represented me and finished up my case after having been denied several times on my own. They will be honest and tell you upfront if you even have a case.
Review Left On 11/01/2019
Darlene Vaughn

The staff are very lovley and friendly, they're there for you all the way!!
Review Left On 11/01/2019
Jessica Dawson

My attorney James did such a great job with my case . I was waiting for an approval from Social security for three years and once he got involved every thing went well, I was approved
Review Left On 11/01/2019
Pete Buck

Call them if you need help.
Review Left On 11/01/2019
GWhitiker 24098

Attorney Lawrence Mabes is great! I highly recommend this law firm, because after being denied 3 times by SSI for my daughter Natalie we finally got approved!This law firm is professional and knows how to help children with mental health disabilities.
Review Left On 11/01/2019
David Braboy

Nice office Building
Review Left On 10/01/2019
Valerie Freshour

Compassionate caseworkers. As frustrating as dealing with the state government is, they have definitely carried most of the weight from my shoulders. Very helpful. Full of knowledge to all my tedious curious questions.
Review Left On 10/01/2019
April Sacks

Very reassuring.
Review Left On 09/01/2019
Marcy Gayle

What a amazing team they have at Nash. They were polite helpful and courteous. They always had time to answer my questions and made the whole process go very smoothly and quickly. If you are looking for a Attorney. For help with your claim. I highly recommend Nash. They are so patient through the process and always helpful. So if your looking for a disability lawyer look no further. You wo t regret it. Marcy Gayle
Review Left On 09/01/2019
Joey Tapper

This is probably the worst experience I have ever had with a law firm I'm my life and I had several business's over the years. There was no lawyer assigned till short time before the appeal trial. Then there is virtually no way to reach the attorney due to the fact reception reroute your call to the department of their choice. When I tried to help by giving more information, and ideas, they took it as an insult personally, and terminated our relationship. This was after waiting 2 years and already having the hearing. To find a different lawyer at this point would be close to impossible. I can't believe how bad this was. This is just a TV mill law firm that gives no personal attention or any type of empathy, or care.
Review Left On 08/01/2019
R. Pilz

Thank you Robert Dorton and the others who worked on our case. Thank you Robert for not giving up on us even though it was a long process and had to go through an extra hearing. We truly appreciate your expertise and tenacity on our behalf. Thank you.
Respectfully the Pilz's
Review Left On 08/01/2019
Jesus Pineda

Their there when you need them.
Review Left On 07/01/2019
Patricia Finley

This law firm does great work and is truly professional.
Review Left On 07/01/2019
Dorothy Hellem

I'm posting from my mother's phone as I was just released from the hospital.

From Elizabeth, my attorney, to Gina taking all my information. Finalizing my case was Shawn and Barbara. Never did feel as if I was bothering any of them. All very professional!
This was a long frustrating process. The only time I didn't feel insulted by SS is when I was in a coma. I can't imagine going through this without the Nash group. If you need help Nash is the one.
God's Peace,
Robert Taylor
Review Left On 07/01/2019
Lisa Altiery

Thank u to my lawyer Jason at Nash Disability for taking my case and filing for SSi disabilty insurance. He is so very nice, he explains everything going on with the case and will answered all my questions. very helpful lawyer and helped me win my case. i will reccommend anyone who needs to file for SSi or disabilty insurance to call Nash Disability Law firm. Thank you so very much!
Review Left On 06/01/2019
Juan Cardenas

(Translated by Google) Very good customer service, all are very professional and explain everything perfectly. We never had problems with communication because Lawyer Lawrence and his assistants all speak Spanish. Excellent lawyers and I would recommend them to anyone who is thinking of applying or already has a disability application.

Muy buen servicio al cliente, todos son muy profesionales y explican todo perfectamente. Nunca tuvimos problemas con la comunicación debido a que el abogado Lawrence y sus asistentes todos hablan español. Excelentes abogados y los recomendaría a cualquiera que está pensando en aplicar o ya tiene una aplicación para discapacidad.
Review Left On 05/01/2019
Christopher Rowland

They are probably really great, but they really encouraged me to reapply myself, and I eventually got it, myself. Chris.
Review Left On 04/01/2019
Shirley Ankrum

Highly recommend using Nash. They are fast filing your forms, they always respond to your calls and know how to handle your questions and concerns.
Thanks again to all.
Review Left On 04/01/2019
Tweety Love

They won my case so grateful to had turn on the tv and seen their commercial no one else wanted to take my case I was ready to give up but they took the risk and believe in me thank you nash and God
Review Left On 03/01/2018
Tim Ellis

Help me get my disability benefits ️
Review Left On 03/01/2018
Donnalyn M Vojta

I feel that the Nash Disability Firm could not have handled my difficult and unusual disability claim any better! I did not have to do much of anything relative to paperwork. They did 85% of that sort of thing for me. The attorney I met with, Amy A., was open-minded and detailed during my client-intake meeting, and the attorney who handled my actual hearing, John D., spent a perfect amount of time with me to obtain all of the details necessary to explain to the hearing judge why I was unable to work. John did my hearing, and he is an expert as far as I can tell. I would recommend this firm to ANYONE in need of seeking SSA disability income. The firm works with clients primarily through email which I liked, so I can't comment on whether they return phone calls or not. I won my case, so I would not have cared anyway! Thanks, NASH!!!
Review Left On 03/01/2018
Denise Collins

Everyone I worked with at Nash has been wonderful from the first time I checked out their website and chatted with a representative who urged me to set up a meeting with them to the meeting I had with an attorney and the secretary that helped me with paperwork and starting my file to Ms. Beth Miller who met with me prior to my hearing and represented me at that hearing as well as her assistant. Ms. Miller made me feel especially comfortable in dealing with such an emotional issue. I had been denied for several years and am so very thankful I chose Nash to represent me as I ended up getting a favorable decision. If you are struggling through the ups and downs that is the process of applying for disability, please don't do it alone. Consider contacting Nash. It was one of the best decisions I ever made!
Review Left On 03/01/2018
L Griffin

Nash helped me win my case! My attorney Lawrence Mabes did a great job. I am so thankful! Don’t hesitate if you need help contact Nash! Everyone there is so nice and helpful!
Review Left On 03/01/2018

Awesome lawyers!
Review Left On 03/01/2018
Rachita Scott

Excellent law firm
Review Left On 03/01/2018
Deidra Fleming

Nash Disability is the best law firm I have ever dealt with.Keep up the good work guys!!!

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