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Review Left On 03/02/2020

Mr. Helfand provided me with great information and a referral for a really difficult legal case. I appreciate it very much!
Review Left On 03/02/2020
Ed Farmer

The best!
Review Left On 03/02/2020
Judd Koenig

Highly recommended. Great firm all around.
Review Left On 03/02/2020
Marvet Sweis

Unbelievable response time with clients and co-counsel! Great attorney who truly cares about his clients!
Review Left On 03/02/2020
Michael Darkoch

I don't typically leave online feedback or reviews so this is definitely the exception! Recently I had some issues come up that were complicated and I called these guys. I spoke with Mike who was extremely helpful for me to understand the important stuff from items that I shouldn't expect to be an issue. He really saved me a ton of effort and helped me out.
Review Left On 03/02/2020

Michael has the best interest of his clients in mind and offers honest advice. Beyond that, he has a ton of experience and can quickly provide helpful answers and guidance for so many legal issues.
Review Left On 03/02/2020
Jay H

Great Chicago Workers' Compensation Lawyers. They really fight for you and explain things clearly.
Review Left On 03/02/2020
Kim Roach

Mike was super helpful and answered my questions quickly and politely. Would highly recommend him.
Review Left On 03/02/2020
Dan La Bate

Having worked with Michael for over ten years on numerous online projects I have always found him to be courteous, professional and quick to respond. I would highly recommend his services.
Review Left On 03/02/2020
Jennifer Cooper

This is a wonderful free service. The attorney I spoke with was so helpful in pointing me in the right direction. He answered my questions and referred me to an experienced lawyer I’ve been very happy with.
Review Left On 01/02/2020
Michele Alcott

Called legal services for assistance. He told me sorry can't go against the corporation without paying min 5k and won't win. I said aren't you supposed to help and he hung up on me. Called back and hung up again. Very unprofessional wouldn't do business with him. Gonna report him to department of professional regulation.
Review Left On 05/02/2019
Capron Avgerinos

Our firm has worked with Mike for many years. He is knowledgeable and has excellent instincts which are very useful in making the best referral for prospective clients. He provides excellent resource for those seeing direction and legal representation.
Review Left On 05/02/2019
Donald MacNeil

I've known Michael for about 20 years. He is an honest, reliable, and trustworthy attorney. I highly recommend him.
Review Left On 04/02/2019
Gary Jackson

I have known Mike Helfand professionally for more than 10 years now. He is a tireless advocate for his clients with an amazing attention to detail in all he does. I highly recommend Mike Helfand to anyone who may be in need of his services.
Review Left On 04/02/2019
Mari Marsh

He quickly responds to my calls.
Review Left On 04/02/2019
Steve Martay

Mr. Helfand is as knowledgeable as any attorney in the state of Illinois when it comes to workers compensation claims.
Review Left On 04/02/2019
Daniel McDevitt

I have known Mike for 10 years. He is a smart, honest lawyer who truly cares for his clients. You can trust his judgment and know he has your back. I highly recommend him.
Review Left On 04/02/2019
James McHargue

I am impressed with the professionalism and passion that this firm demonstrates while guiding people in need of legal assistance. Very insightful and knowledgeable about complicated Workers' Compensation issues. We are always honored to work with them.
Review Left On 04/02/2019
Jason Hauck

I have dealt with Mike Helfand professionally on many occasions. Being a Workers' Compensation attorney myself, I have no problem saying that he is one of the best and I would highly recommend his services.
Review Left On 04/02/2019
Markham Jeep

Mike gives honest free advice intended to put the best lawyers together with the injured people who need their help. We've worked successfully and honorably with him for years and greatly value the relationship.
Review Left On 04/02/2019
Michael Perillo

Mike is an experienced worker's compensation attorney who takes the time to appreciate his client's concerns and needs. Highly recommended.
Review Left On 04/02/2019
David Magaldi

Great attorney and great staff.
Review Left On 04/02/2019

I have been a colleague of Mike for many years. His knowledge of workers compensation law is second to none. If you have the need for an experienced, accessible attorney in that area, you should not hesitate to contact him!
Review Left On 04/02/2019
Geoffrey Dlin

If you even think you need a lawyer for your workers' compensation case, call Mike Helfand. He is knowledgeable, smart and easy to talk to. He is a role model for the profession.
Review Left On 04/02/2019
sarah reese

Mike is a very responsive and skilled attorney. I highly recommend him.
Review Left On 04/02/2019
Jason Krasno

Mike Helfand is a skilled workers compensation lawyer. I have known him for more than a decade and his attention to detail and compassion for injured workers is second to none. Any time I have a case in Illinois, he is the first person I call and he responds in minutes. You can't go wrong with Mike representing you.
Review Left On 04/02/2019
Michael kerin

I am an attorney in the state of Connecticut who specializes in workers' compensation. I have known Attorney Helfand for approximately 15 years during which time I have discussed many areas of workers' compensation law with him. I have found him to be very knowledgeable in many areas of the law, and a zealous advocate on behalf of his clients. I would recommend him highly for anyone looking for a smart, dedicated workers' compensation lawyer.
Review Left On 04/02/2019
Philip Berenz

This firm fights hard. I know them well and for a decade or so. One thing I will tell you that is VERY important in choosing a worker's compensation lawyer: make sure they truly care about your case. This firm will care about your case and truly listen to you. You will be very happy with them. Highly recommended
Review Left On 04/02/2019
Matthew Jones

I highly recommend Mike to anyone looking for help with a legal matter. Extremely knowledgeable and responsive.

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