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Review Left On 03/01/2020
Jonathan Kris

I hadn't bothered to fight a speeding ticket I recieved a couple months back (not realizing all of the potential consequences); yet even with the case already being disposed, Mr. Maze was able to have it re-opened and reduced to double parking! I called multiple lawyers in the area when I first started looking, and almost all of them were skeptical that such a thing was even remotely feasible! Mr. Maze definitely seems like a highly skilled and knowledgeable attorney, and he was reasonably timely and available for contact as well. Thanks again!
Review Left On 03/01/2020
slavik gorokhovskiy

5 star lawyer fast grab and solve knocked a 3 point improper lane usage to double parking no points no record ! Very highly recommended thank you !!
Review Left On 03/01/2020
Daniel T

Got done exactly what he said he would in a timely manor. Never had to come back into state. Would highly recommend
Review Left On 03/01/2020
Kofi Safo

Very honest and Supportive. Got ticket in Romulus,MI area and these guys helped me reduce my speeding ticket amount and fine. Easier to work with, everything was done online with no problem. I will recommend them... contact them if you have speeding Ticket.
Review Left On 03/01/2020
James young

He is really good lawyer
Review Left On 02/16/2020
Frank Niezabytowski

Mr. William Maze is a great attorney! He is very knowledgable and knows the laws and court systems very well. I am very happy that he was able to help me reduce my Improper Plate Ticket to a 0 Point Parking ticket. Great Job Mr. Maze.....thank you once again!
Review Left On 11/01/2019
Marc Stefanelli

William Maze gave my case the attention it needed. He was always prompt with replies to my questions and drove to a great outcome. I would highly recommend Willam Maze for your future legal needs.
Review Left On 07/01/2019
Kyle Dickinson

saved me a ton on insurance by knocking a running a red light to double parking.
Review Left On 06/01/2019
Bosnian Tester

We are a small company out of CT and our driver received 7 tickets all at once (logs, equipment, etc.) and a lawyer in CT recommended we contact William Maze and we did. We were surprised how fast our driver's tickets were knocked down to double-parking no-points ticket. This was amazing! We are extremely happy with the service we received from attorney Maze. Thank you so much!
Review Left On 05/01/2019
Safety JJ Trucking

I am extremely satisfied with how the case turned out. Mr Maze was very honest, very knowledgeable about CDL laws. I would highly recommend this firm! Thank you
Review Left On 03/01/2018
Sasa Zeli

I'm truck driver and recently I got two tickets. I sent online all the paperwork to the office and paid by phone. Both tickets were dismissed and I finished with minor violation which doesn't affect to driving record
Review Left On 03/01/2018
bootle cap

Great office. Did not have to go there, send paperwork online, payed throu paypal. Got 3 citations, one of them was speeding was able to got it down to double parking ticket. I am truck driver and having a clean record is a big thing. Thank you.

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