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DPM, Rick B. Roper
DPM, Rick B. Roper Reviews

Review: I had toe nails fungus infection that made my nails grow into my toe, i have had surgery at a different podiatrist do a procedure but after a few years it grew back it was worse. So Dr. Roper removed the nails. however it was billed as a cosmetic procedure , who wants to have a toenail ripped off unless they have too. the first Dr. billed it properly and it was covered. his office person billed it wrong and now i am stuck with a 700.00 bill and the staff there is indifferent to the issue. very ... Read More

Affirm Investigations & Process Service
Affirm Investigations & Process Service Reviews

Review: I found Affirm when I needed same-day service of a subpoena and none of my usual, bigger process servers were available. Ron was friendly, efficient, and fast. Within an hour he sent me the notarized affidavit of service. I will certainly use Ron in the future for any of my legal process needs in Northern Colorado. Read More

NoCo Tax & Accounting Service
NoCo Tax & Accounting Service Reviews

Review: Phone number was disconnected. Suggested edit. Read More

Logo Trak
Logo Trak Reviews

Review: Very Excellent Service Provider with Fast Communication.. Highly Recommended Read More

Pierce Law Office
Pierce Law Office Reviews

Review: Great legal advice Read More

Paloucek Jim
Paloucek Jim Reviews

Review: Professional and experienced. Read More

LLO, PC, Stamm Romero & Associates
LLO, PC, Stamm Romero & Associates Reviews

Review: Vicki is probably the best custody divorce lawyer I've ever seen. She's tough and to the point. When the other sides lawyer came at us she stood up and charged at them. Love the fact she never backed down and got me custody of my boys. Read More

Hunter Campbell
Hunter Campbell Reviews

Review: He is unprofessional and prejudice.
Doesn't do the job asked of him by his client.
Refused to give me my entire discovery paperwork. And then proceeded to kick me out of his office.. I am requesting a new lawyer due to unsatisfying results and actions.
Very disappointed Read More

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