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Law Office of Regina Walsh Adams
Law Office of Regina Walsh Adams Reviews

Review: I would highly recommend their services. Good experience with Mike and their stuff.
Super friendly, professional great people.
Really thankful Read More

Kaplan Morrell
Kaplan Morrell Reviews

Review: When I first got injured at work no attorneys would even look at my case. But Rhonda Cordova with the staff took care of my entire claim! Even though it took a lot of work and a bunch of steps, they made the process smooth and easy! Didn't have to worry about a thing! They helped me get what I needed in a good time frame! THANK YOU KAPLAN MORRELL!!! Wouldn't recommend anyone but Kaplan Morrell!! Read More

Dina Christiansen
Dina Christiansen Reviews

Review: Dina was amazing. My ex-husbands attorney was TERRIBLE, did not explain anything to him properly and that caused serious confusion on his part. He agreed and signed all legal documents Including child support and to pay me through the child support network, for this to happen his employer has to take the wages directly from his pay check, his employer was inept at doing this and as a result received numerous calls from Dinas office to ensure it was done correctly, which is their job. She and her... Read More

Public Defender
Public Defender Reviews

Review: The service is great Read More

Weld County Public Defender
Weld County Public Defender Reviews

Review: They r charming an help u alot Read More

Colorado Legal Services
Colorado Legal Services Reviews

Review: Didn't call back or weren't able to even offer legal advice . Read More

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