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Review Left On 12/28/2019
Joan Bowen

Nancy Wallace provided excellent advice and services in handling my Mother’s estate. We also used her services for updating wills and all the associated paperwork. She was easy to work with, clear in her recommendations and we were very satisfied with the services provided.
Review Left On 02/28/2018
Lisa G Fox

Were referred and VERY disappointed. We were there less then an hour during which time she was googling and reading to answer questions on what we were told was her area of practice. Well versed in Medicaid, no! My wife has metastatic stage IV breast cancer and we were looking for answers and this was NOT where we should have gone.
When we called and requested a consult at no time were we informed of fees. When we left we were asked for $250. Truly? Less than an hour? Googling for answers which we could have done ourselves. Why would we have agreed to consult with someone that could not answer our questions let alone it be worth $250? We left and I cried, great job!
Review Left On 02/28/2018
Ron Splittgerber

Great resource for estate issues. Helped with documentation required for estate distribution, creating a will, trusts and other inheritance planning. Highly recommended.
Review Left On 02/28/2017

We didn't find her very helpful and if anything raised the conflict level by introducing more things for us to argue about. We went with someone else and were happier for it.

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