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Review Left On 03/01/2020
Kristina Derrera

Very nice ladies. Especially the nice lady that helped me with my paperwork yesterday, even when she was supposed to be getting off work. Thank you so much for your help. Sorry you had to deal with that mean man on the phone.
Review Left On 03/01/2020
Freddy Hernandez

Review Left On 03/01/2020
Amanda Neidig

I have good feelings about my attorney after meeting him for the first time today. I hope he is able to lessen my punishment.
Review Left On 03/01/2020
Esmeralda Gutierrez

I work ther
Review Left On 03/01/2020
John Huffman

Staff was nice and helpful
Review Left On 03/01/2020
Kaitlin Flores

My attorney was knowledgeable about my defense down to citing the statutes to support my position. He was easy to talk to, down to earth, attentive, genuinely concerned, and ultimately he was able to get my case dismissed at my pre-Trial Hearing.
Review Left On 03/01/2020
Samantha Figg

Review Left On 03/01/2020
Yolanda Montelongo

Even though they are pro bono most of the time, the time frame to be reached is ridiculous. I understand that they have an overload of cases to work but it is very difficult to move forward in life with a court case open. One of the benefits about this place is if your co-defendant is in jail or prison and you both need a public defender you get a private one instead. That's one of the good things about this place.
Review Left On 03/01/2020
Rebecca Cook

Well office is ok, usually not a fun place to be because you need legal help if you are here. Staff is clearly over worked. Felt like pulling teeth to get clear answers from them. But if you push them they will listen. Never agree on 1st deal offered try for reducing it, what the worst that could happen they say no. Than you are back where you were. But you could get a better deal
Review Left On 03/01/2020
Aaran Krings

Ummm let's pretend i wasn't here
Review Left On 03/01/2020
Mattie Crain

They need to get their communications worked out. My husband has had 4 PD's for the same case. Its taken over a year for him to get his case to trial.
Review Left On 03/01/2020
Steven Rench

Yea right.
Review Left On 03/01/2020
Steven Leonard

Review Left On 03/01/2020
babydollsweetnessvanessaD Garcia

Review Left On 03/01/2020
razor edge

Awful just terrible service here they don’t care about your case they’re just trying to get the cases of their desk and I’ve been calling my pd for days and weeks my court was rescheduled for a hearing and I haven’t gotten a response from email or phone. They don’t want to talk to me just really terrible service. What’s the point of these guys if they don’t even help you they just want you to plead guilty and that’s it go to the next case.
Review Left On 03/01/2020
Julieann Ramirez

Crooks who work with the District Attorney to convict you at all costs, even if there is no evidence or witnesses to testify at trial. If you can get a paid attorney, go with that because we all know Weld county, it's Police and Judicial system are extremely corrupt and unethical. Guilty until proven Guilty even if you are innocent! They say screw your rights and violate them on all levels when they please. Get a real attorney! All the people with ethics in this office have left to go into their own practice...that should tell you something about what's left!
Review Left On 03/01/2020
Ree Hoffman

All charges dropped. Great job. Thank you
Review Left On 03/01/2020
Dread Pirate Wilson-Brown

They really helped me out of a jam
Review Left On 03/01/2020
nick rueckert

Court hate it
Review Left On 03/01/2020
Teri Vogt

Overworked + underpaid = poor service
Review Left On 02/29/2020
Angela Gonzalez

They r charming an help u alot
Review Left On 11/01/2019
Brandon Lee Madrid

Greatest, in Greeley, Co.
Review Left On 11/01/2019
Felipe Jasso

I had a great experience with the defender who represented me thank you
Review Left On 10/01/2019
Stacy Kreis

Impossible to get return calls from literally anyone regardless of importance, receptionists are cold impersonalable and unfriendly. I only needed to drop paperwork off for attorney since for 2 months I for the life of me can not get a return phone call and was told they likely wouldn't accept it then made to wait almost 1p minutes for someone to tell me well its probably not going to do me any good but she'll let the attorney know I brought it in! Absolutely beyond frustrated & feeling defeated with every single thing about this office!!
Review Left On 10/01/2019
Robert Bauer

If your here... You have gone to far... In the wrong direction
Review Left On 08/01/2019
A Keyes Babe

Well namely my
Review Left On 08/01/2019
Richard Mark

A judge used to be the judge. Now, however, the judge knows nothing about you, or any otherwise important details of what happened, it's the public defender coming up with something with the prosecutor, and all the judge does is approve it. That's not a legal system. That's a system for herding large amounts of seemingly anonymous cattle.

Review Left On 07/01/2019
Tyler Duncan

You cant even talk to your attorney until the day of the case that makes NO sense
Review Left On 07/01/2019
Raul Rodriguez

They dont work that hard for you cause they have to many cases
Review Left On 06/01/2019
Chris Porter

They are terrible. They try to make you take the first deal no matter what. They even try to convince you it's the best you're gonna get. I basically handled the case myself by telling him what he needed to do. He was just a legal mouth piece in court.
Review Left On 03/01/2018

Go to trial. Make the PD WORK for you.
Review Left On 03/01/2018
Jefferey Boyles

The people were kinda in a bad mood...
Review Left On 03/01/2018
Ryan Yates

Quick placement.
Review Left On 03/01/2018
Jessica Montez

Stephen Doolittle is s great attorney!!
Review Left On 03/01/2018
Zachary Ian Freeman

Well, last September I was victim of insurance fraud scam conducted by Greeley Police Officers McNerney #377 and Bidwell #415. For challenging their corruption, as I am innocent of the charge of careless driving, the municipal court dismissed my case "without prejudice," by which I mean they sent it to the county court, in the booth connected to theirs at the same court building.. That was six months ago...

List of legal terms the people should know:
-Abuse of Judicial Process
-Abuse of Judicial Resources
-Actual Malice
-Malicious Intent
-Under Color of Law
-Discrimination Against Americans with Disabilities

Having a sound understanding of the law, not the etiquette and irregular methods and procedure of the court which is a business, but of actual law, well, when I was court ordered by Judge Dana Nichols to file my every motion, pleading and request (during my fifth appearance for the same false careless driving charge,) directly to the judge preceding ore my case after the six months of Weld County Court Clerks Dept's Obstruction of Justice (under the administration of Carly Koppes (our "trusted Historian,") I did protest this.

Further legal Terms you should Know
-Abuse of Judicial Prestige
-Violation of Public Trust
-Judge Impartiality
-Adversarial Advocacy
-Conspiracy Against Civil Rights

Anyhoo, needless to say that being ordered to file directly to the judge is unethical and its also illegal. Well, no one likes a challenge, least of all an enterprise of corrupt state officials lampooning in broad daylight as ham-fisted piblic servants whom are habitually committing federal crimes against you but, well, my mother is a good woman whom raised me to speak the truth, stand up for what's right...life lessons that only now at of the 38, are causing my life to become a hellish joke. And for challenging and questioning the incompetency and corruption of the Weld COunty Court and DA's office, prodding the judge about her level of "Impartiality," she has suspended my trial for the false charge of careless driving indefinitely and ordered me to a Competency evaluation...

Further, further Legal terms you should know
-Blue Wall of Silence
-Deprivation of Rights
-Due Process
-Speedy Act Clause
-the First Amendment
-Red Herring
-Kangaroo Court

You see, in my situation this comp eval is what's refereed to as a "Red Herring." They naturally can't allow me to speak on the stand or represent myself because not only will I speak the truth which incriminates them, I also refuse to show respect to a bunch of crooks with Kangaroo authority whom continue to victimize me under color of law, nor I blow the court's ego. Now, how to suppress the truth from a victim whom you are trying to wrongly prosecute? The easiest way, apart from strangling them with a catheter and ruling it a suicide, is to have them ruled incompetent to proceed with trial which also eliminates your right to actively assist with your defense. This accomplished with the bed-fellowing of the judicial system and medical establish which is illegal (yet that doesn't deter them because they are our elitist superiors thus above the law,) they prosecute you for their false charge behind private courtroom doors at hearings without your presence.

Know your Elitist, Corrupt State Official Henchmen:
-DA, Mike Rouke
-DA Cronie Andy Brown
-DA Cronie Ryan Chum
-City Attorney Doug Merek
-Our "trusted Historian," Carly Koppes
-DA Clerk, Terasina White
-Colorado Commission of Judicial Discipline, W.J.Campbell
-His relative and Farmer's Insurance Agent Craig C. Campbell

I swear under penalty of perjury and the possibility of wrongful death b y "suicide by strangulation," at the hands of Internal Affairs henchmen, Lt Rick Arnold and his buddies Jeff Sewel and Jerrod Kinsmen, that the above named people have and continue to commit federal crimes against me and their ruse comp eval is meant to further suppress their crimes and my victim testimonies.

Amused as always and forever defiant,
Private Colorado Citizen/Slave,
Zachary Ian Freeman
DOB 08/22/79
Date 04/07/17

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