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Review Left On 02/28/2020
Dziugas Guntorius

Great free consultation. Alex knew exactly what he was talking about and gave answers straight to the point. Felt like you were talking to your friend instead of an attorney. Do not hesitate to call!
Review Left On 02/28/2020
Justin Damico

Unbelievably knowledgeable, unbelievable respectful and honest. If there is one or few words to describe Alex Ktenas it would be “remarkable results”

Thank you Alex.
Review Left On 02/28/2020

Hands down, Alex is the BEST lawyer, period!! I recently got my CDL and got a bogus speeding ticket! Supposedly I was doing 20 mph over when the speed limit sign clearly said 55. Then on top of that, Richton Park police didn’t even submit the ticket until mid-December—a few days before Christmas and about a month AFTER I initially got the ticket!

The court date coincided with my first day of orientation with my new trucking job! There’s no way I could miss that, and definitely couldn’t miss court, but I was in a huge bind and found myself scrambling to find someone so short notice. I was desperate to find an attorney and ended up signing up for LegalShield, (Don’t worry about it, complete waste of time and money, don’t do it)!! Anyway, I reached out to Alex on New Year’s Eve, and he was so nice and helpful and reassured me that I had nothing to worry about!

Not only was Alex familiar with Chicago and surrounding South Suburbs, but he even quoted me right then and there with no strings attached! Other lawyers I talked to wanted $400-$500, but Alex only charged me $250 to represent me in court last minute! He explained that since I hold a Commercial Driver’s License, some lawyers/law firms would try to overcharge or get over, when it’s not even necessary. (I have no priors, first time CDL holder with a clean driving record).

He told me my options and how it would go down in court but how he would try to get the ticket dismissed first, and if that didn’t work (depending on the judge), he would move to get the ticket lessened from a moving violation to a non-moving violation—which means that I wouldn’t have a conviction on my Driving Record. He did me one even better....he got my case dismissed yesterday!!!!!

I’m SO happy I went with my gut and hired Alex as my lawyer. He’s a genuine nice guy that has your best interest at heart and won’t leave you feeling like you just got ripped off. Trust me, don’t waste your time or money with anyone else, choose Alex the FIRST time around. He’s familiar with the law, judges, courthouses and will do his best to win for you! You won’t be disappointed! I’m so grateful and I appreciate everything he’s done for me! Thank you again Alex!!
Review Left On 02/26/2020
Nick Flanc

Alex was on top of everything from the minute I contacted him. He is very thorough and fights for you till you get the results you want! He is worth every penny! Fantastic attorney!
Review Left On 02/14/2020
Alvin Chacko

Alex Ketanas is one of the most professional lawyers I've ever interacted with in my life. He is extremely experienced and knowledgeable in his field, and very interested in helping his clients in a complete perspective. Not only will he take care if your legal problems with the utmost passion and commitment, but he will also ensure that you are taken care of emotionally as well as set on the best path for life moving forward. A family member used Alex for some legal trouble they were going through and felt nothing short of blessed after interacting with him. They felt confidence and reassurance the minute after their initial consultation, due to the knowledge, zeal, and compassion that he displayed from beginning to end. About a month after the initial consultation, the outcome of the case turned out to be exactly what was predicted by Alex in the initial consultation. You don't just feel like a file or a case number when dealing with Alex, but a friend and member of the family. I would highly recommend Alex to anyone looking for legal assistance!
Review Left On 02/07/2020

I highly recommend Alex as your lawyer! He makes everything super easy and understandable and he gets you the best possible outcome!
Review Left On 12/28/2019
Matt Thompkins

I'd recommend this lawyer to anyone! He was very punctual and informative as well.
Review Left On 12/28/2019
George Aleck

This Guy (Alex) is fantastic, so are Andrew and Debra. All 3 worked on my case, long story short, DISMISSED.
Review Left On 12/28/2019
Anas Jaber

Absolutely one of the best lawyers I’ve ever dealt with!!! got me out of a serious jam with very reasonable prices and that’s hard to find these days
Review Left On 12/28/2019
Ioannis Avtzis

Amazing. Thats all i can say.
Review Left On 12/28/2019
Sammy Licocci

Ktenas law in Chicago was the best DUI lawyer I could have asked for. They were very professional and knowledgeable. They responded very quickly about my case and got it resolved with the best outcome possible. I highly recommend this criminal defense law firm to anyone.
Review Left On 11/28/2019
Dominiqua Whaley

Best attorney around! He beat my DUI case and he was priced very well! If you need an attorney go to ktenas law! They are the best around !
Review Left On 11/28/2019
Ahmed Hamarshah

Alex is a life saver. Very professional and courteous. He helped me resolve my traffic violation without affecting my record.
Review Left On 10/28/2019
Allison Johnson

Great attorney, was very encouraging and helpful through a not so fun process. I would recommend to anyone for him to represent you.
Review Left On 09/28/2019
Zoran Nikolic

Above Expectations

Alex represented me for a traffic citation and went above and beyond in handling the case.
I explained my situation and he immediately knew what the possible outcomes of this case were. He was very professional and responsive to all of my questions. The entire process was seamless. I would highly recommend Alex Ktenas anytime.

BTW - The case was dismissed
Review Left On 09/28/2019
Araya Urso

Alex help me through my court case. He help me feel more comfortable and less nervous. Alex also explained everything to so I could understand everything. With out his help I would have been lost
Review Left On 09/28/2019
The Honcho Life

Alex Ktenas is an amazing lawyer. He shows up on time and really knows Illinois laws. If you need a defense attorney or a divorce lawyer he would be an excellent person to represent you.
Review Left On 08/28/2019
Shanice Alexander

Really great experience! Definitely passing information on to friends who need a lawyer to represent them! He did an awesome job with my case. Biggest thing very reasonable with his price which is awesome
Review Left On 07/28/2019
Katrina Horton

Alex is a highly skilled Attorney. I came in beyond worried about a case. He definitely kept me and my family calm through the whole situation. He answered all my question concern ,phone calls, text messages and the case turned out better than great. If you want the job done right he is great representation
Review Left On 07/28/2019
Kiana Kimbrough

Alex is a wonderful attorney. He was available literally anytime I needed him, even if it were for the simplest questions. He went out of his way to ensure that you completeled understood everything that was going on. His main office is located in Orland Park, IL. But he was willing to meet me downtown, to ensure that I knew that he was committed to this case. He proivded me with three different ways of being able to contact him, and he responded very quickly, regardless of what time I reached out. You can have high expectations for him, and he will perform well above them. Alex is very knowledgeable, and very personable! He doesn't price gouge like other attorneys in the area. He is very reasonable, and places the proiority on handling the case and not running your wallets dry. I would recommend Alex time and time again; he seems to be able to make the impossible possible. He is well respected within his field, and I see why. We can not thank Alex enough for the tremendous work he has done, and the work that he continues to do.
Review Left On 07/28/2019
kristi O

Mr, ktenas was very attentive Answered every question we had was on time during our court dates he was very helpful would highly recommend
Review Left On 07/28/2019
Brittany Mann

Best attorney out there!!
Gave great legal advice, helped me with everything!
I would highly recommend him!

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