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P.C., Romsa Law Office
P.C., Romsa Law Office Reviews

Review: I have employed Mathew Romsa on several matters. He is not only a good attorney but s smart businessman. What good does it do to win a case if the cost of litigation is more than the judgment? I have always found Mr. Romsa, an honest person - I remember giving him a retainer one time and he resolved the case and refunded almost all my retainer when I knew he could of "billed me for research" etc. I highly recommend him. Read More

Olson Law Firm
Olson Law Firm Reviews

Review: My family hired Mr. Olson to represent us in a wrongful death case. He took on a very difficult case where he was able to obtain excellent results. We were able to obtain financial compensation for the loss of our mother and mother-in-law, and the medical facility where the incident occurred has made substantial changes to their internal practices to make it a much safer place. Read More

Phelan & Guthrie Law Firm
Phelan & Guthrie Law Firm Reviews

Review: Thankful for the good priest and the truth of the word God bless Read More

LLC, Metier Law Firm
LLC, Metier Law Firm Reviews

Review: Unprofessionalism at it's finest. Read More

Metier Tom
Metier Tom Reviews

Review: Tom is a horrible attorney..... Read More

Crank Legal Group
Crank Legal Group Reviews

Review: One of the best! Read More

Allen Accident Law
Allen Accident Law Reviews

Review: Mr. Allen is incredible. He came to my house and explained everything to me in simple language. He is very personable and down to earth. Not one of those jerk, arrogant lawyers. He got me a higher settlement than I expected. Hire Mr. Allen if you are injured in a car accident! Read More

LLC, Gookin Law
LLC, Gookin Law Reviews

Review: She hasn't even called me once and my Juvenal case has been open for six months she says just sign the papers or you'll never get your kids back. I didn't do anything wrong to get my kids taken she just says sign the papers I need defense, hence using a lawyer. ***update. Lost kids never heard a word from Jill to even give me a signed copy of my order. Nobody will tell me what to do. She's a horrible lawyer. Read More

Law Offices of Daniel R. Rosen
Law Offices of Daniel R. Rosen Reviews

Review: They are handling my case firmly and quickly. Thanks Dan Rosen and the team #1 Read More

Hoggatt Law Office P.C.
Hoggatt Law Office P.C. Reviews

Review: Darby represented me and my spouse on several claims and did a great job. We have know Darby for over a decade and value his expertise. He really cares about his clients. His staff is very compassionate and competent. Read More

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