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Attorneys at Law, Hill and Hill LLC
Attorneys at Law, Hill and Hill LLC Reviews

Review: Brett Hill is an excellent lawyer. He is very knowable able HOA law in Colorado. He has been a great help in my understanding of my rights as a member of an HOA. Read More

Long Reimer Winegar Beppler
Long Reimer Winegar Beppler Reviews

Review: I don't feel they pay enough attention to their 'clients.' If they did, they wouldn't let people write wills. Oh and the lawyers are rude. Read More

Frey & Hand
Frey & Hand Reviews

Review: Very warm & professional Read More

Linn S Perkins Attorney
Linn S Perkins Attorney Reviews

Review: Very unprofessional. Will NOT help anyone with a payment plan to get student loans via CEFCU paid down. Most loans go into default because the person cant afford the payment. If she would work with people to make a more affordable payment maybe she'd have more loans paid in full at this time. Makes sense to me!! I'm just waiting for her to retire so hopefully these loans she holds over everyone's heads get transferred to someone else that wants to work with you to get them paid. Even if I ha... Read More

P.C., Davies-McGrath Law Office
P.C., Davies-McGrath Law Office Reviews

Review: This office handled my Aunts estate and Pat said we had to pay for what we wanted. I paid $100 for her cabinet which he stored at his home. He told me to be patient when I went to collect the photos, also stored at his home, as he was very busy. Apparently I was too patient. Sent several emails, phone calls and texts.
Never got reply. Never got cabinet or money. Cabinet was the only thing besides her photos and her personal paintings I asked to purchase. Never crossed my mind that I ... Read More

Harrington & Tock
Harrington & Tock Reviews

Review: I called to inquire if they had a referral for elder-self neglect services or maybe some legal advice/referrals, it is an understatement to call the receptionist rude. She had very short and had very rude answers to my questions. At the end of our conversation, I told her that I hope she has a wonderful Easter and she disrespectfully hung up on me. Terrible customer service skills!
If/when I need an elder attorney, I will not be giving this facility my money. Read More

Monica Doerr Law Office
Monica Doerr Law Office Reviews

Review: Efficient and competent. Read More

Seeger Elder Law
Seeger Elder Law Reviews

Review: A very well respected lawyer in the areas of Medicaid and Nursing home Law. Read More

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