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Romsa Law Office, P.C.
Romsa Law Office, P.C. Reviews

Review: I have employed Mathew Romsa on several matters. He is not only a good attorney but s smart businessman. What good does it do to win a case if the cost of litigation is more than the judgment? I have always found Mr. Romsa, an honest person - I remember giving him a retainer one time and he resolved the case and refunded almost all my retainer when I knew he could of "billed me for research" etc. I highly recommend him. Read More

Olson Law Firm
Olson Law Firm Reviews

Review: My family hired Mr. Olson to represent us in a wrongful death case. He took on a very difficult case where he was able to obtain excellent results. We were able to obtain financial compensation for the loss of our mother and mother-in-law, and the medical facility where the incident occurred has made substantial changes to their internal practices to make it a much safer place. Read More

Crank Legal Group
Crank Legal Group Reviews

Review: One of the best! Read More

Phelan & Guthrie Law Firm
Phelan & Guthrie Law Firm Reviews

Review: Thankful for the good priest and the truth of the word God bless Read More

Domonkos Law Office
Domonkos Law Office Reviews

Review: Called this office. After explaining my situation, the woman asked how can I help you? I said if I knew, I wouldn't need their services. In my opinion this is a dud lawyer looking to be part of the problem rather than the solution. Read More

Metier Law Firm, LLC
Metier Law Firm, LLC Reviews

Review: Unprofessionalism at it's finest. Read More

Metier Tom
Metier Tom Reviews

Review: Tom is a horrible attorney..... Read More

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