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Review Left On 02/28/2020
lizz ortega

Mr Paul Marriett got me outta my case quick ! And made sure I understood everything that was going on, I would strongly recommend anyone I know to him ! !
Review Left On 02/28/2020
Knolynn Disala

My experience with Mr. Marriett was absolutely fantastic. Not only is he very knowledgeable about his work but he makes you feel comfortable throughout the whole process, which in my case was great because i tend to overthink and worry too much. I can tell he is a very well respected lawyer in Winnebago County. If i ever need a lawyer in the future, i will no doubt go to Mr. Marriett, he made this unfortunate incident very easy to deal with and got me exactly what i wanted from day one and had my felony dropped to a misdemeanor. Definitely the best lawyer i have ever dealt with. Thank you Paul!
Review Left On 02/28/2020
Clara Ortega

Paul helped my sister through her case she was young and scared and he was patient and great to work with he will be our go to if we ever have a problem
Review Left On 02/28/2020
Benjamin Rubi

Great lawyer . Did his best in my case and I was satisfied for the results . Highly recommended!!!
Review Left On 02/28/2020
Good Services

Overall, Paul was the best selection based on services and quality. He's responsive and insightful. I would highly recommend him.
Review Left On 02/28/2020
Jordan Andrews

Paul Marriett is a 5-star attorney and worth every penny! I would highly recommend him to represent anyone under any circumstance, especially those involving traffic offenses.

Paul immediately reached out to me after contacting his office and I hired him on the spot. He was extremely thorough in explaining the dynamics of my situation and the possible strategies/outcomes.

Additionally, he is extremely easy to contact if you have any questions regarding your case and overcomes irregular legal obstacles with confidence. Paul's professionalism and execution were very encouraging and I would hire him again in a heartbeat.

Thank you, Paul, for your diligent work and punctuality and ultimately saving me in court!
Review Left On 02/28/2020
Darrell Bauer

Paul was really personable and prices a very reasonable
Plus he gets the job done
You have traffic tickets to fight call Paul Marriet
Review Left On 02/28/2020
Sean Chinna

Paul helped me out a lot past couple tickets. I highly recommend him
Review Left On 02/28/2020
Ian Sorg

Extremely happy with Paul Marietts service. He went to extra lengths and helped me out immensely.
Review Left On 02/28/2020
Michael Kiltz

Very quick and gets the job done!
Review Left On 02/28/2020
Brandice James

Hired Paul based on reviews and I was not disappointed! Amazing guy and great lawyer! Worth every penny and more, takes time to make sure you understand your options and are prepared. I would and have absolutely recommended him to people! Thanks again!
Review Left On 02/28/2020
Koala Thom

I had several ticket with a suspended license and outstanding fees and paul got it down to 6 months court supervision and just $300 in fees couldnt be more happier. If you want a good laywer THIS IS THE GUY!!
Review Left On 02/28/2020
Matt Herbig

Paul Marriett was very helpful and straight forward with my case, whenever I needed to ask him something he always got back with me for an answer and was very easy to talk to, when it came to court time he made even more easy to get through it and was able to lower my charges.
Review Left On 02/28/2020
Kalterzig TT

He is the best lawyer in town!!! He gives you an outstanding performance every time! When you think all odds are against you, Paul can help you out in a major way! I definitely recommend him! 10/10
Review Left On 02/28/2020
Crystal Edwardsen

Thank you again Paul you are wonderful attorney. I was facing a very serious dui charge and Paul got it dismissed. Thank you again Paul from Crystal your client. I highly highly recommend him.
Review Left On 02/28/2020
Tim Sheimo

Mr. Marriett represented me with professionalism. He was well versed with the laws pertaining to my case and was more than worth the fees. He helped explain a difficult situation in a way I could understand. He wasted no time in getting done what needed to be done. There were a lot of times, during the case, where we had to wait. I never had to wait for my lawyer. If I needed anything done, he did it immediately. Paul seems to really love his job. If you find yourself in need of representation, I highly recommend giving him a call. He is at the top of his game and you want to have this man on your side.
Review Left On 02/28/2020
Paola Aguilar

When my partner and I hired Paul, from the first time we spoke to him he answered our questions and was very straight forward with my partners case. It was very easy to get a hold of him and he always kept us up to date. We had other attorneys working on a different case and he was very easy going with working with them as well. Overall we had such a great experience with Paul, we would recommend him to anyone who is in need of a great attorney. My partner also had a different case in a different county and Paul contacted someone who would help us out with that case. Pricing was very easy to understand. We had monthly payments and he will send you a contract that is easy to understand as well. As far as the outcome of the cases it was the best outcome we could've had. We are very grateful for Paul and couldn't thank him enough for his hard work.
Review Left On 02/28/2020
taylor tracey

Best lawyer I have ever had. Always on top of my case, keeping me updated. Worked with me on everything I needed and went above and beyond on my case. I would recommend him to anyone who needs help. He was phenomenal.
Review Left On 02/28/2020

Paul is very professional, non judgemental, knows his craft, and highly recommended.
Review Left On 02/28/2020
Tammy Maavich

I contacted Paul looking for advice. Though not his official area of expertise, (medical malpractice) he was very courteous and knowledgeable. He wasn't one of those rude, cut you off attorneys in the event no money would be made from my case. Very refreshing.
Review Left On 02/28/2020
Andrew Littlejohn

Great guy to work with, I was facing 2-4 years in prison, got 30 mos probation. He's also willing to work with you on payment,
Review Left On 02/28/2020
John Taninger

Excellent representation, and easy to deal with. Paul always responded quickly to questions. I would most definitely use him again should the need arise!
Review Left On 02/28/2020
juan almanza

My experience with Paul Marriett was outstanding. I am a full-time student as well as a full-time worker and unfortunately fell into some legal trouble. After reading numerous positive reviews on Paul I decided to give him a call. From the moment we first communicated he put my worries to rest. He took so much stress off my shoulders and had me feeling confident in his abilities. This incident not only effected me but also my family, Paul's confidence and determination had my family and I at peace. I had the benefit to getting a second opinion from a lawyer provided from my school and let me tell you what a big difference it was comparing the two. Compared to Paul this other lawyer doesn't even come close. Paul not only gives you multiple ways to communicate with him but also takes the time to value your case and make it his highest priority. He updates you as soon as he can on any changes or potential outcomes. If you need someone to work hard for you and fast, contact Paul Marriett.
Review Left On 02/28/2020
Marie Gar C Ya

Mr. Marriett was a true professional and always available to answer my questions. He was very straightforward on his fees as well ;which was a concern of mine. I highly recommend him !

Thank you for helping us get through that very stressful and difficult time !
Review Left On 02/28/2020
Alexis G.

Paul is amazing! I was given two tickets for speeding, Class B Misdemeanor and general speeding. This was the first time I was required to come to court. I contacted Paul the week of my court date and asked for his help he told me it was short notice , but was kind enough to take my case. I was able to hire Paul that week and he told me he would be in contact to see if he could have my appearance waived. He got back to me and told he couldn’t get it waived or attend, which was fine. He went above and beyond and had another attorney represent him for me and asked the court to move to another date. When I contacted him after court, stating I did appear and meet with the other attorney and our court date was approved. He then told me in description about what he can do for me. I agreed to these. Unfortunately, Paul was stuck in another case and I couldn’t meet him in person, but he had another attorney from his own office settle my case that very day! I can happily say, I had one ticket dismissed and the other was reduced to a petty charge! Im able to keep my license. Paul told me it was a pleasure to work with him and that if I did ever need him again, to contact him. I surely will! I hopefully will not though. I will recommend Paul to anyone needing an attorney for criminal, traffic, or DUI needs. Paul thank you once again! You have no idea how much you helped me and it was all worth it!
Review Left On 02/28/2020
Drasco Johnkass

You never know until you try, thanks so much, Mr. Paul M. Marriett . You are a such a good and strong man, the person we will ask for help,
Review Left On 02/28/2020
Alex Nelson

Paul was amazing to work with, helped me get through every step needed to get my case solved and did an amazing job making me feel confident that I would get the best results possible for my case! Thank you again Paul!!
Review Left On 02/28/2020
Alex Peacock

Paul did an excellent job taking care of my case and made the process stress free and easy to understand! Would absolutely recommend him and use him again!!
Review Left On 02/28/2020
Richard Tangorra

Paul was agreat lawyer to work with. He answered all my questions and talk to me every time I tried to get ahold of him. He was professional and courteous at all times. He got me the absolute best possible outcome for my situation. If I ever need a lawyer again I would definitely hire Paul or recommend him to anybody that needs a lawyer.
Review Left On 02/28/2020
Ronny Briggs

He is they best lawyer I had to represent me , His knowledge of the laws and court room confidence shined bright. To have him fight as hard as he did, allowed me a second chance at life...THANK YOU PAUL....!!!!
Review Left On 02/28/2020
Jeff Mahan

I couldn’t be happier with Paul’s service. He was always very professional, communicates very well so I knew exactly what was going on and what to expect. I highly recommend him to anyone.
Review Left On 02/28/2020
Coty Qualls

I hired Paul a few weeks ago even though it was a small case he took it professionally and did everything he could to help. Very fast text, call, and email response and he answers any questions you might have. Would defentily reccomend him to anyone I am 100% sastified with his hard work!
Review Left On 02/28/2020
Ste S

He was a real pleasure to work with
Review Left On 02/28/2020
Vernon Prince

I am very happy with Paul's work he did very well by me Thanks Paul
Review Left On 02/28/2020
Kabel Petrow

One of the most pleasant experiences dealing with a lawyer ive ever had. Handled my DUI case very well, gave me the best advice for every situation i was presented with. Always responded to my texts with a call or text about my case or some detail i was confused about regarding my case. I always dealt with Mr. Marriett personally, no assistant or associate or receptionist which i really liked. I will be contacting Mr. Marriett for any of my legal needs in the future.
Review Left On 02/28/2020
Theodore Choudek

Paul was great to work with, very helpful, knowledgeable and readily available when needed. I was able to keep my driver's license after a traffic violation that typically results in a suspension thanks to his prompt advise and counsel. Not to mention, he saved me hundreds in court fines and hundreds more in potential indirect costs - essentially paying for his services.
Review Left On 02/28/2020
Zachary Damascus

I had a Class A (35+) speeding ticket, which could've potentially put me in jail. I have never required an attorney for anything before, so I was very nervous about who to pick. I'm really glad a friend referred me to Paul Marriett.

From the first conversation we had, it was clear that Paul genuinely cared about my case and wanted to help. He was completely honest with me about all of my options and the potential outcomes, offered a very reasonable rate, and even proactively worked to get the best possible court date for good results.

He put my mind at ease and kept me posted at every step of the process. In the end, he got my charge amended to a much lower offense (11-15 mph), and I was in and out of court within an hour, and with no criminal record. I'm sure Paul deals with speeding tickets all the time, but despite that, he made every effort to ensure that my case was handled well. On top of that, he went out of his way to make sure I was under as little stress as possible before going in.

It is no hyperbole to say I will be eternally grateful to Paul Marriett. He is an attorney who genuinely cares about his clients and their lives, and I cannot recommend him enough. He was outstanding.

Thank you again, Paul.
Review Left On 02/28/2020
Steven Waffle

He was very polite and knowledgeable about his field. I would recommend calling Paul first. I am extremely happy with the results he obtained for my case...
Review Left On 02/28/2020
Gaming faz Time

"The whole experience was so much easier on me because of Paul. I’d HIGHLY recommend and would use him again if the need arises."
Review Left On 02/28/2020
Anthony Tuggle

Mr. Marriett was very professional and made the whole process a lot easier on me! I was able to get ahold of him whenever I needed questions answered, I highly suggest hiring Mr. Marriett to represent you!
Review Left On 02/28/2020
Life With Liyah

Paul is the best in Rockford. I’m so thankful for what he has done for me and his prices are great and affordable. I recommend him. Thank you so much Paul!
Review Left On 02/28/2020
Lorenzo Aguilar

You absolutely have to hire this guy!
-Office hours are very flexible.
-Always communicates in a timely manner.
-Honestly, he truly cares about you and your case.

Excellent traffic ticket attorney. The price for his services are economical and fair.

If you really want to fight your traffic ticket and win! Call Paul Marriett now.
Review Left On 02/28/2020
David Cardenas

For the last 3 months Paul has been nothing but professional and reassuring as he took my traffic violation case in March of 2018. His level of professionalism and knowledge of his field, set him apart and made me feel very confident in my case. He was very patient with my lack of understanding concerning my rights and the laws that applied in my case. I would Highly recommend Paul, and if I could I would give 10 stars!
Review Left On 02/28/2020
Bruce McIntosh

I could not have asked for a better lawyer. Paul was very upfront and honest. He did more than I could have ever asked him to. I would not hesitate to recommend him to anybody.
Review Left On 02/28/2020
Erik Davis

If you want a professional, go with Paul Marriett! From the first phone conversation I had with him over the phone back in September of last year, to finalizing my court house in late May, he never once made me underestimate his ability of being a well qualified lawyer. His acknowledgement to my court case was very hands on. He has great communication whether it be over the phone, or in person, and is a very personable individual. Mr. Marriett is a well experienced lawyer, and is very thorough in the courtroom as well as outside. His fees are reasonable and he understands that some cases make take longer than others. While taking that into consideration, his time is well spent on making sure the outcome is at the advantage I expected. Thank you for your efficiency and I appreciate your hard work fighting my case. I will continue to recommend you to anyone I run across.
Review Left On 02/28/2020
Jesus Bautista

couldn't be happier with Paul's service. he was in touch the whole time during my case. definitely recommend him.
Review Left On 02/28/2020
Danny Ness

An outstanding attorney. When i contacted him, i was answered back within minutes, during a holiday. Very clear on what my options were and very clear on what the possible outcomes were. His fees were beyond fair, and I left feeling like I got top notch representation at a bargain price. The outcome was negotiated down in my favor beyond anything I could've originally imagined. On top of that, I never felt rushed or pressured into making a decision one way or the other. If I had questions or concerns Paul Marriett always had an answer or searched for a solution. If you're looking to put your mind at ease during a tough situation, hiring attorney Paul Marriett is the way to go.
Review Left On 01/31/2020
Andre Lizano

I’ve had a great experience with Paul Marriett. Would fully recommend to anyone for your legal needs. Knowledgeable, very approachable, and easy to work with. Thanks for you help Paul!
Review Left On 12/28/2019
Chris Everhardt

Paul has been very helpful in my case. He for sure know what he is doing and can help you with your case. I would recommend Paul to anyone looking for help.
Review Left On 12/28/2019
Dylan Skilling

Paul Merriet met and beat my expectations. He helped me out with a pretty hefty speeding ticket I got and helped out a lot. Not a man of much words and really all just business. Takes care of what needs to be done and extremely professional. Would 110% recommend.
Review Left On 12/28/2019
Steven Koester

Paul handled my case extremely quickly and was able to work through it in an extremely professional manner. He worked diligently to an exceptionable end. I would absolutely work with him again if ever I needed help with any legal matter in the future. Highly recommend him for any legal matter.
Review Left On 12/28/2019
Michael Lindstrand

Paul helped me with a Barry difficult situation in my life. Great guy, great service, highly would recommend
Review Left On 10/28/2019
Debbie Kosla

Very knowledgeable and a great communicator which made him very easy to talk to. I highly recommend him!
Review Left On 10/28/2019
Jen Kotara

Paul was fantastic! Great communication, helped every step of the way. Reasonably priced. Would recommend to others.
Review Left On 10/28/2019
Markianna Tharpe

I’ve gotten multiple traffic tickets since I bought my black Hybrid Sonata less than a month ago. He texted me with as much information as he could give me. Thank you for putting me at ease in this stressful situation
Review Left On 10/28/2019
Megan Carlson

Amazing. Very efficient and helpful. Would definitely recommend. Thank you so much for all your help.
Review Left On 10/28/2019
Devil Dog

FANTASTIC!!! Paul is a phenominal attorney, he was able to help me big time, saved me from going to jail and over $25,000 in fines. I personally, highly recommend, hopefully i never need to use him again but if i do hes my first call. Be honest with him from the start and do not feed him bs and he will do everything possible to help you. Thank you again Paul.
Review Left On 09/28/2019
Tom H

Mr. Marriett knows the law inside and out. Did a bit of Engineering law, and found the trade to be more difficult than mechanical Engineering. Paul is outstandingly intelligent. I would say that a key reason, I'd trust Paul again in the future without hesitation would be a remarkable ability to, very quickly, off-hand reference relevant legal precedents and make sound determinations. He doesn't cut any corners, does the homework for you, and gets the job done, and it gets done quickly and for a very fair price. A+ very satisfied!
Review Left On 09/28/2019

Paul's diligence, candor, experience and knowledge of the law made things a one and done act. Well worth hiring. A+!
Review Left On 09/28/2019
Brody Dell

First know that I never have taken the time to give a review ever, so that alone should tell you how good Paul is. Paul is awesome goes the extra mile to accommodate to anything you need. Makes your case a priority and gets you great results.
Review Left On 09/28/2019
Eric Zastrow

If you want the best attorney I recommend going with Paul. He is extremely competent and delivers on what he says. He gives you all the possible outcomes and guides you through the process seamlessly. He was able to get the best possible outcome for me and also helped me to feel confident while I went through the process. Always willing to respond to any questions along the way. PICK PAUL, AWESOME ATTORNEY!!!
Review Left On 09/28/2019
Ashley Durbin

We have used Paul's services on a few occasions and he has always been very thorough, helpful, and quick to get back to us w/ any information we needed. He gets the job done quickly and at a reasonable rate. I would definitely recommend him.
Review Left On 08/28/2019

I highly agree with Dalton and the many others that have commented on Paul and his firm. In fact, I would be happy to give him 10 stars if the number went that high. Paul is a great communicator and will take the time to explain in detail what he can and expects to accomplish with your legal situation. He is completely thorough in his handling of your case. He streamlines and minimizes the need for any face to face meetings, so you can concentrate on the day to day things in your life. He will put you at ease and give you the peace of mind to know that you have someone in your corner. Please do not hesitate to contact him, if you need help. We could not have asked for a better outcome in our case. I highly recommend Paul and thank him for all of his help and efforts. He is greatly appreciated!
Review Left On 08/28/2019

I had my estate plan done by Paul. I chose him due to all the positive reviews. He exceeded my expectations. He explained everything very thoroughly and answered all my question. Plus he was very friendly during the whole process. If you are wondering about the cost I felt it was more than fair. If I need anything else done I know who to go to.
Review Left On 08/28/2019
Dalton Chastain

I contacted Paul after searching high and low for attorneys, and reading countless reviews. All of the positive reviews on Paul Marriett hold true. Paul is extremely knowledgeable, dependable, reliable, and easily accessible. You can text him anytime with questions or concerns, and he gets back to you fast! He is excellent at explaining any and every possible scenario with any legal situation, and stays realistic to what the possible outcome will be while doing everything he can to get the best outcome for you. He definitely delivered for me and the best outcome possible for my own situation. I'll recommend Paul Marriett to anyone in need of an attorney. Easily one of the best in the state line area, if not THE best!
Review Left On 08/28/2019
Matthew Miller

Paul made the entire process very easy and took away all the stress. Excellent communication, highly recommend him. Couldn’t have asked for a better outcome on my case for a fair price.
Review Left On 08/28/2019
Ellen Jaskle

very good lawyer, reasonable prices
Review Left On 07/28/2019

Professional service. I highly recommend. He was an excellent help to my case
Review Left On 07/28/2019
Arturo Solache

I would highly recommend this lawyer, Paul did a great job with my case.
Review Left On 07/28/2019
Michael Aas

Amazing results for a fair price. Extremely competent and achieved results I never dreamed of. First call to make is to Paul!
Review Left On 07/28/2019
Shortylutfz A

Working with Adrian in my personal injury case was a good experience. Both Paul and Adrian are great lawyers and easy to work with. Highly recommend. Great communication. Until next time....................JK LOL
Review Left On 06/28/2019
Viviana Castillo

Amazing lawyer with great dedication to his work and very easy to communicate with.
Review Left On 06/28/2019
Nick Albright

Did a great job with my case! Great communication and helped get the case solved fast and got a great outcome. Great work would recommend for any type of problem!
Review Left On 06/28/2019
Tom Shlosman

Paul is an excellent attorney who works extremely hard for his clients. I worked with Paul on a personal injury case and we obtained a great result. His tenacity and persistence are unparalleled. I highly recommend Paul to anyone looking for an attorney in the Chicago area and any attorney's looking for local counsel in the Chicago area.
Review Left On 06/28/2019
Joel Collen

Paul made the entire court process very easy for me by always being available and promptly answering any questions I had. He also was able to get me a very favorable outcome. I would absolutely recommend Paul Marriett to anyone looking for a lawyer.
Review Left On 06/28/2019
Aiden E. Salinas

Great guidance and service from Marriett. Not only was he able to walk me through the court process- he lessened overall fines, met with me outside of court, and was reachable through cell/email. I would recommend him to anyone for his outstanding performance.
Review Left On 05/28/2019
Christina Sunleaf

Well educated
Review Left On 05/28/2019
Jeremy Truax

Pual is a excellent lawyer. I had a real messy case that he cleared up and save me a lot of time and money for a really good price. I highly recommend going to him.
Review Left On 05/28/2019

I would highly recommend Paul Marriett to anyone looking for an attorney. Paul made a difficult situation quite a bit easier from the initial phone call by keeping me informed and being upfront and honest on all the possible outcomes and what was needed to be done in order to achieve the best desired outcome. He will work hard for you and be very transparent. If you have any legal issues give Paul a call!
Review Left On 04/28/2019
Joe Bachara

Review Left On 04/28/2019
Deborah Brady

He worked my case so efficiently and so fast my DUI case was over and done within a little more than a month or so. I would hire him again if I needed him. Deborah B.
Review Left On 04/28/2019
Justin Walton

Paul was very easy to work with, made it a simple process. I was very satisfied with the result given the circumstances that I put myself in.
Review Left On 04/28/2019
Orville Wagner

If you want your case handled with confidence and competence, hire Paul Marriett. Paul is very knowledgeable and operates with a superior work ethic. If you are facing DUI charges in northern Illinois, it greatly behooves you to give Paul a call to discuss your case.
Review Left On 03/28/2019
Natalie Durante

I highly recommended Paul M. Marriett. I had driving on a revoked license case and my attorney Paul helped me every step of the way. I was facing jail time and what was so crazy about my case was my licenses should have never been revoked in the first place. I hired Paul to help me through the process of proving my self in court. Guess what ?? I came into court with my drivers license in hand no jail time and on supervision. Thanks Paul again ..
Review Left On 03/28/2019

I am extremely pleased with the outcome of my case. Hiring Paul was the best decision I ever made! I reached out to Paul after reading some reviews and was not disappointed. Upon our first phone conversation, he put my worries to rest and gave me options that worked best for my case. He's very personable and easy to talk to...NO BS!

I would highly recommend Paul Marriett to anybody seeking representation. If you want a lawyer that's willing to go above and beyond to fight for you, then Paul is your man!
Review Left On 03/28/2019
Anton Blum

I was facing losing my license and possibly my job if I did. I was recommended to Paul by a friend and I'm glad I went with him. Hes a great attorney! He knows his stuff. His knowledge and dedication to help his clients goes way beyond what I was expecting. Because of Paul I was able to keep my license and job. I would highly recommend Paul for any legal troubles you have and I will definitely be using him again if I need legal help.

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