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Law Offices of Ross J. Peters, Ltd.
Law Offices of Ross J. Peters, Ltd. Reviews

Review: I consulted with Attorney Ross Peter's regarding a legal problem which he discussed with me at length, asking questions, then offering information, suggestions and his pleasant demeanor minimized my worrying. I would most DEFINITELY suggest calling Attorney Peter's to discuss YOUR legal problems, he is outstanding! Read More

Corri D. Fetman, Esq.
Corri D. Fetman, Esq. Reviews

Review: I used Ms. Corri Fetman for legal advice/matters several times. She may be labeled as a “divorce attorney” but that is NOT ALL that she does. My matters were unrelated to “divorce” or to each other and pertaining to very different areas of law. She was able to help every time. She looks to obtain the best outcome at the lowest cost to you. This is important because there are “loopholes” in our systems that give opportunity to sue to anyone who has $500.00 and can find a lawyer. As a result there... Read More

Maduff & Maduff LLC
Maduff & Maduff LLC Reviews

Review: I didn't think this lawyer, Aaron, knew his craft. He was unprepared for our consultation, wasn't attentive to the facts of the case, condescending, and his legal opinions were not of the quality that I would ever pay money for. I'd say go with another firm. Not worth the $200 consultion fee.

8/21/19 Just saw the response from this business. I'd not publish my real name knowing the law firm has my address and phone #. Do better Aaron. Read More

The Law Office of David Porter
The Law Office of David Porter Reviews

Review: This law office is very rude, short, and not helpful at all. He made assumptions without finding out details, but was quick to throw out his $250 consultation (only in person) fee. He ended the call with telling me apparently this isn't the office for you. First impression is everything, and the first impression provided was horrible!! Read More

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